22: Changing Lifestyles & Lots of Follow Up – Tasted The Nectar

As mentioned at the top of the show, we have definitely had a lot of Overanalyzed conversation since we have last recorded, but they weren’t captured for all of you. Hope you enjoy this episode of catchup!

First photo of Pixel taken by Jun

Pixel’s Instagram
Alec & Jun’s Fountain Pen
Sony A7iii Bundles

21: More Job Changes & Lunch – Chinese Takeout Points Status

In this episode we first discuss Alec’s new job and Jun’s new role. After that we finally discuss a topic that’s been in the queue for sometime. Lunch! What we like to make as well as the balance between preparing a lunch and buying it.

This was the first recording we did since the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement. If you are looking for ways to help, check out this resource for information.

Ways to Help – Black Lives Matter

20: Zoom Elopement – Sous Vide Method to Pandemics

After a few months since last recording, a lot has changed! The world is going through a pandemic and Alec & Rachel decided to carry on with their marriage anyways! Listen in on how they executed their Zoom Elopement. Stay for the camera and fountain pen talk.

Alec & Rachel’s Wedding Video
Rachel Smith Photography
The Pen Addict
Lamy Pens
Pilot Metropolitan
Studio Neat Mark One

19: Exiting a Lease and Growing a Skill vs. Hiring Someone – Grease Coefficient

Well, its been a while. We’re back for “season 2” so to speak of Overanalyzed. Its been a while since we recorded so we catch you up on some of the happenings in our life. Jun’s family has a new car and Alec is prepping for the wedding and trying to decide if he should spend time developing a skill or paying someone to take care of it for him. In the aftershow we discuss Jun’s new Apple Pencil and his usecases. 

015: Jun’s Retrospective & Management – Two More Husbands

Some of you guessed it – Jun has a new job. We conduct a retrospective of episode 1 and in the aftershow we discuss the Spotify vs Apple situation.

Systems Engineering V Chart
Mythical Man Month
Spotify’s Time to Play Fair
Apple’s Response to Spotify

014: Traveling – Benevolent Travel Dictator

After some follow up about driving and Jun’s latest photography gig, we jump into the topic of vacations: how we plan them and what we like to focus on.

The Points Guy
Google Flights
Joe List Sleeping On Airplane Joke
Jiro Dreams of Sushi
Salt Bae Meme

013: Driving – Vroom Vroom Fast Fast!

Everyone has an opinion about driving. Jun and Alec banter about pet peeves, mantras, and other topics surrounding cars and driving.

Accidental Tech Podcast about Tesla Lease Kerfuffle
MKBHD Tesla Repair
Zipper Method Explained
CGP Grey Traffic Video
Side View Mirror Positions
Marco and Underscore Go to Driving School